What is Nuzzle?

More Love, Less Worry  

Our pets add so much to the quality of our lives and Nuzzle is designed with their health, happiness and safety in mind. 

  • The collar- GPS-enabled to track your pet anywhere, plus an integrated activity monitor to let you see what you pet is doing during the day. 
  • The app- One handy place to keep track of it all- your pet’s activity, location, vet, vaccination records, and even emergency contacts, plus handy notifications for when there might be a problem.
Combined the collar and app let you track your pet, monitor their activity, review past trips together and keep track of their important information, all at the swipe of your fingertips. 

The Nuzzle System 

Everything you need to get tracking:
1. Nuzzle Collar
2. Nuzzle Device
3. Basestation
4. 2x Removable Rechargeable Batteries
Nuzzle Personal Attachment 
6.Power Adapter (not shown) 

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