Information found on the Activity Screen

Nuzzle’s Activity screen gives you real-time information so you can see how your pet spends their day. See where they are at home or away and what they’re doing: Active? Rambunctious? Or maybe just loafing around? You can even keep track of activity levels from earlier in the day, yesterday, or even last week. 


     A tour of the Activity Screen:

The Menuopens other parts of the app, including the Pet Profile, Insurance, and Settings. 

  1. ƒYour pet’s name and photo (If you have more than one pet on Nuzzle, touch "V " for a list, then touch a pet’s name to switch to profile.)
  2. ƒLocationlets you jump to the Nuzzle’s map and GPS tracker, so you can quickly pinpoint out where your pet is located. 
  3. A short message telling you whether your pet is at home, or out-and-about, and whether they’re playing, exploring, or resting.

  • ƒThe Activity Graph is a 24-hour timeline with separate color bars for different types of activity 


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