Information found on the Activity Graph

Want to learn more about the information you can find on the activity graph? Open the Activity screen:

  1. Touch Menu
  2. Then touch Activity


  1. When on the Location Map page, touch your pets Profile Picture in the top righthand corner to access activity screen.   

The graph at the bottom of the screen lets you see how your pet spends the day, a Nuzzle day begins and ends at midnight.

The Today graph is a 24-hour timeline that shows activity for the current day, with separate color bars for:

  • ƒ  Playing: Going on a walk, running in the park, or other vigorous activity.

  • ƒ  Exploring: Lighter activity, like things your pet does around the house.

  • ƒ  Resting: Sleeping, napping, or just looking out the window.

    Below the graph is the daily total for each type of activity.

    Note: If no data has been recorded yet, the Activity graph will be blank. Don’t worry—it’ll fill up soon!


    *Helpful Hint: Want to see more? Pull up the Today bar to see graphs from the past 7 days. 

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