Seeing your pet's Location

The collar’s tracker uses GPS and plus your phone's maps to pinpoint your pet’s location, quickly and easily. Keep a log of previous routes, set up a GEO-fence, and mark your home on the map, and it’s all easy to do on the Nuzzle app.

Where’s my pet?

Is your pet lost, and you need to find them? Or maybe you’d like to see the route your pooch takes with the dog walker? Want to know where you cat goes during those late night neighborhood adventures?

  1. Touch Menu
  2. Then touch Location. 
  1. When on the Activity Screen touch the Pinin the top righthand corner to switch to the Location Map page.  
In the Location map, you can see:
  • Your pet's current location
  • Your home location 

The detail above the map tells you:
  • Duration- How long they've been gone
  • Distance- How far your pet is from your house  
  • Pace- Their average pace

The detail below the map tell you:
  • Your pet's current route
  • Your pet's previous route 

*Helpful Hint: If your pet is too far away, “Home” may not show on the map's view.

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