Charge & Change Batteries

I need to charge my battery, how do I do this?

  1. Remove the battery from the Nuzzle collar.

  2. If the spare battery is in the basestation's charging bay, make sure that it's fully charged. 

    ƒ If still charging, the basestation's LED light blinks red.

     When fully charged, the basestation's LED light is white.

  3. Remove the charged battery from the charging bay and insert it into the collar.

  4. Place the depleted battery into the charging bay. The battery will be fully charged in 5 hours. 

    It’s a good idea to keep your extra battery fully charged, so you can swap out a low battery while retaining the ability to track your pet.

    * Helpful Hint: When placing the battery in the charging bay of the basestation, make sure it is clicked in. You will feel the "click" when gently pushing the battery in the bay. 


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