How to use the LED safety light on the collar

The Nuzzle app lets you control the LED safety light on the collar so you can have peace of mind at night. The safety light helps cars and other people see your pet while out playing or walking and if your pet is lost at night, the LED light can help you spot Spot in a flash! 

To activate the LED safety light, touch the lighton the bottom lefthand side of the Activity Screen.

  • Tap once to turn the LED safety light on.
  • Tap again for the slow blinking mode. 
  • Tap one more time to turn the LED safety light off.


We recommend using the slow blinking mode when out for a walk with your pet and the on mode when you need to find your pet in the dark.    

*Helpful Hint:‚Äč The lightwill light up when the light on the collar is on, blink when the slow blinking mode is on and will turn off when the light on the collar is off.  

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