Can I add additional info to the Pet Profile?

Can I include my vets name in my Pets Profile?

Certainly! We highly recommend adding your vet to the Pet Profile so all of your pets information is easy to find and easy to access. 

  1. Touch Menu
  2. ‚ÄčThen touch Pet Profile.
  3.  Touch Edit in the Veterinarian section.
  4. Use the keyboard to enter the vet’s information:

    Vet's Name
    Clinic Name                                                       

  5. When finished, hit Save. 

I want to add some notes about my pet. How can I do that?

The Notes section is where you can keep track of special information about your pet, anything from food preferences, allergies, and medication, schedules to favorite toys and “best buds.”

  1. Touch Menu
  2. ‚ÄčThen touch Pet Profile.
  3. Touch Editin the Notes section. 
  4. Use your keyboard to enter additional
    information about your pet.

  5. When finished, hit Save. 

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