Can I use Nuzzle with my own pet collar or harness?

Do you have a favorite collar for your pet that you just can't part with? We totally get it, that's why the Nuzzle collar tracking device is removable and each Nuzzle system includes a custom connector designed to hold the tracker and attach it to almost any size pet collar or harness:

  1.  Remove the tracking device from the Nuzzle Collar.(Do not remove the attachment that holds the tracking device onto the collar, just the tracking device itself.

  2. ​​ Insert the tracker into the custom connector from the bottom.

  3. On the custom connector is a strap with a loop. On the other side is a peg. Place the custom connector on the top of your pet's collar or harness in a location that will not interfere with your pet's activity. 

  4. ​​Holding the connector firmly in place, stretch the strap with the loop around the bottom of the collar and back up the other side, where the custom connector's peg is located.

  5. Secure the loop onto the peg. The custom connector is now attached to your pet's collar!

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