What if I have multiple pets?

If you have multiple pets in your household and would like to track them, here is what to do:
  1. Each pet will need their own Nuzzle system.
  2. Create a Pet Profile for one of your pet on the app. 
  3. Register the collar.
  4. Register the base station.
  5. To add a second pet, touch Menu
  6. Touchabove add a pet.
  7. Create a Pet Profile for the second pet.‚Äč
  8. Register the collar. 
  9. Register the base station.  
*Helpful Hint: Both collars can communicate with each of the base stations. So when establishing the second base station you can set it up directly next to the first base station, if you have two cats for example, or add it to a different area in your house, or you can set the second base station up at another location, like your office, a friends house, a petter sitters house etc. and the base stations will track when each collar is at each location, whether your pets are together or separate and you can view each of their activity under their separate profiles on the same account on the Nuzzle app.  

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