How long will the battery last?

Nuzzle customers experience an average life of 24-36 hours per charge. The average life you see will be determined from your collar's blend of higher power (outdoor, cell-connected) and low-power (indoors, Bluetooth connect) usage.

The longest life can be upwards of 4 days when the collar is in the lowest power mode the majority of the time. Under the highest power conditions, the battery can last as short as 10 - 12 hours, though we're focusing heavily on increasing this worst case life.

There are 2 features within the collar that use the most power: the cellular connection and GPS functionality. To lower power use from these features, we recommend the following steps when possible:
* Always have the Base Station setup in your home and configured with the proper range. The Base Station is what notifies the collar when it's in a safe zone and doesn't need to activate it's GPS functionality. It's also what is used for the collar to send alerts when it leaves the basestation area. Proper setup of the basestation will greatly enhance your battery life and overall Nuzzle experience.
* When you're near the collar, leave Bluetooth enabled on your phone. This allows the collar to send data over the Bluetooth connection to your phone, which results in faster updates of data in the app and drastically reduced power consumption.

By following the steps above as often as possible, you can improve your battery life considerably and your collar will have more power for when your pet is out of the basestation range or away from your phone to last longer as well.

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