Warranty and Damages

Nuzzle offers a one year limited product warranty guaranteeing the hardware from the date of delivery under normal use.  The 12-month warranty will cover manufacturing defects or blemishes to the Nuzzle and accessories only. These items include and are limited to:
  • The Tracking Device
  • The Basestation
  • The Attachment Piece
  • The USB Cord
  • The Wall Adapter
  • The Nuzzle Collar
  • The Two Rechargeable Batteries
 The determination of a replacement for a hardware defect under warranty is at the discretion of a Nuzzle employee and all cases must be approved before the replacement process is initiated. Any returns or exchanges that to do not qualify for reimbursement after inspection or are outside of the return or warranty policy will be returned to the sender. 

 The Limited Product Warranty does not cover lost or damaged components. We understand that pets can be super adventurous, rambunctious and unpredictable and because of this sometimes parts may become lost or damaged. We offer a discounted refurbished replacement program for these types of circumstances.
The Limited one year hardware warranty does not apply to the functionality of the product. The GPS, activity tracker and battery life functionality is dependent on a variety of factors including AT&T service, location, interferences, and usage. But because such factors exist Nuzzle does offer a 15 day trail period to determine if the Nuzzle is a right fit for you and your pet.
To start the return, exchange, or to learn more about the refurbished replacement program, please contact customer service at support@hellonuzzle.com


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